Monday, November 19, 2018

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The Owners and Drivers of the exhibit or entry must be covered by a current Third Party Insurance Policy, including exhibitor use. A copy of which MUST be made available to Prestatyn Events Officials if requested. Owners must ensure drivers are fully competent and have a valid and appropriate licence and be qualified to drive or handle the exhibit or entry. NO exhibit or entry must be left running unattended and if unattended, MUST be left securely 'braked and immobilised' (ignition keys must be removed) and all Working entries and exhibits must be in safe working condition. HSE regulations regarding the storage of petroleum fuel must be adhered to at all times MAXIMUM speed of 5MPH shall apply to all moving vehicles including all entries of exhibits on the show park. Any exhibitor found exceeding the speed limit will be asked to leave forthwith. All owners and drivers must obey Marshals' instructions and not inconvenience or endanger any persons on the site or on any part of the show park. Owners are responsible for their own personal effects for which the Show organisers will take no responsibility. All entries to the Car Show are accepted at the show co-ordinator's discretion. Health and Safety Statement As the organisers of the Prestatyn Classic Car Show, Prestatyn Events Group wish to ensure not only that the event is safe and without risk to anyone, but also that safe working practices are maintained at all times. This includes not only our own helpers, but also contractors, exhibitors and members of the public. The show park is considered to be a workplace in legal terms. You must therefore observe relevant health and safety requirements and adopt the best practice. Health and safety is mainly common sense and the organisers wish you a happy and enjoyable event. The Disclaimer of Liability Prestatyn Events Group accepts no responsibility for any personal injury or for any damage to, or loss of vehicles/traders' entries or personal effects or loss of income incurred by exhibitors or their guests or employees as a result of attendance or proposed attendance at the show

Saturday, June 2, 2018

 For the first time cars moved into the majority of the High Street
 Sunday's Run was a rather wet affair but it didn't stop the enjoyment

 Winner of the Motor Sport Class
 New this year VW Camper class
 Stunning E Type
 Wonderful Vauxhall

 The return of Crosville bus who used to service the Prestatyn area
 Inside and out

Thursday, May 31, 2018


CAR OF THE SHOW - Peugeot 205GTi - Anthony Wynn
Class 1 pre- 1945 
1st -  Bentley - David Brookes
2nd - Lanchester -Colin Lambert
3rd - Standard - Andy Bennet
Class 2  1945 - 1960
1st - Vauxhall Cresta - David Beech
2nd - Rover - James Orger
3rd - Ford Consul - George Dunn
Class 3 - 1961 - 1975
1st - Daimler V8 - Peter Rushworth
2nd - Reliant Scimitar - David Burke
3rd - Datsun 120Y - Lee Smith
Sports Car Class 
1st - Clan Sport - Terry Jones
2nd - Triumph TR3 - Geraint Pritchard
3rd - Triumph TR3 - Peter McIlveen
Supercar Class
1st - Jaguar XJS - Adrian Townsend
VW Camper Class
1st - VW Westfalia - Chris Hoyle
Motorcycle Class
1st - Kawasaki - David Thomas
Commercial Class
1st - Bedford - Derek Williams
Military Class
1st - Willys Hodgkiss -  John Jones
Replica Class
1st - Westfield - Mark Wilson
Custom Car Class
1st - VW Beetle - Gavin Borders
American Classic
1st - Pontiac GP - Hugh Lewis
2nd - Chevrolet - Palmo Demarinis
3rd - Pontiac Dennis Williams
Retro Classic Class
1st - Peugeot GTi - Anthony Wynn
2nd - Ford Escort - Mark Poole
3rd - Austin Rover Mini - Tim & Ann Morgan
Club Stand
Alfa Romeo
Motor Sport
1st - Porsche 911 - Rikki Proffitt
Mayors Favorite
Triumph TR3 - Peter McIlveen

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Online Entry Form 2018

This Years show is on Bank Holiday Monday - 28th May 2018 with the Classic Car Run on Sunday the 27th Entries are now open using the online form below. 
* Class 6 is for cars that have been lightly modified (chrome plated engine and suspention parts etc) yet retain most of its original features
Your entry will be accepted on the understanding that the organisers cannot accept any liability for Tax, Insurance or any claims
You will receive your final instructions by email in early May

Online Entry Form 2018

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Alicia Keys - North Wales

Friday, February 23, 2018


The Americans are coming - We are closing the towns High Street this year to celebrate all things American Classics - Hot Rods - Custom Cars. Live music - Line Dancers - Cheer Leaders? who knows?

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Classic Car Weekly