Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ride with me - to beat MND

We are celebrating our twelth year in the running of the Prestatyn Classic Car Show and hope that you can come along and join us.

This year we are trying something special, I have a close relative who is suffering from Motor Neurone Disease and we are trying to raise funds to fight this terrible disease.

We are hoping to set up a "Ride with me - to beat MND" stand where members of the public get the chance of a short ride in a Classic Car in exchange for a donation to MND.

We will of course need Classic Cars owners to volunteer their cars to be on standby should members of the public want to ride in them. Cars would need to be available for about an hour at some point between 11 and 2. Normal insurance will cover the situation as you are not taking fare paying passengers but it will cost you the price of any petrol that you use.

This idea has come from a Classic Car owner who took advantage of a similar scheme at this years Classic Car Show in Birmingham. Where she took a ride in a Morgan for a £20 donation.

I do hope that you can help as both my wife and sister in law have so far managed to raise over £7000 towards this Charity.

Please visit "My Brother Andrew"